The following statements are a few of many reviews about Bootie Camp & Co written by our participants. Come join one of our classes to meet the writers in person! Click here for a link to our current review site on yelp.com. (Since we had a name change some of our reviews are still visible here: http://www.yelp.com/biz/schnell-schnell-boot-camp-san-francisco).

“I am *so* not a morning person — but I get out of bed early for Schnell Schnell Bootie Camp! Jeannette is a positive and supportive instructor who inspires you to quickly achieve substantial results, no matter what your fitness level or goals. I love working out in Bootie Camp’s pleasant (and central!) location, with the warm & friendly community of fellow “bootie campers” of all ages and backgrounds. I leave each class feeling happy, energized and accomplished — a great way to start the day!” (Bridget L., returning particpant since May 2007)

“Jeannette’s boot camp is a great way to get in shape “at your own pace.” Although she’s constantly pushing you on, Jeannette doesn’t scream or humiliate anyone. I cycle in Europe each summer, and my best efforts were realized after taking more of Jeannette’s boot camp classes (increasing my endurance) and not by simply cycling/spinning more. And Jeannette’s “recipe of the week” heightens the sense of joining a new, healthy club. Highly recommended!!” (Michael A., participant 2007)

“This is the best work out class I have ever had. I have been in this boot camp for almost a year now and it is still as challenging and fun as the first day. Jeannette is a great instructor–she is tough yet fun and is truly concerned about the health of everyone in the class. The group of people are great which really helps. Our class has all levels and you can go at your own pace. You can join for 2, 3 or 4 days. One optional class is boxing and kick-boxing–which is my favorite. The rates are very reasonable. I highly recommend this BOOTie Camp!” (Allan W., participant since March 2007)

“I think everybody is looking for an answer to the age old question, how can I eat the schnitzel without doubling the size of my derriere? Enter Schnell Schnell Bootie Camp! Bootie Camp is great for people of all fitness levels. Jeannette is a fantastic Bootie Master (?) and is very motivating when you just don’t want to do one more #*!&*! burpie. I’ve also done Bay Area Boot Camp, and in terms of the quality of instructors, variety of activities, price, and fellow boot campers, Bootie Camp wins hands down.” (Kimberly L., participant since March 2008)

“I love the boot camp. Jeannette is always upbeat lighthearted and tough. She will push you as needed but always recognizes ones limitations such as my recent shoulder injury. Instead of push ups I did other routines to give my shoulder a rest. Jeannette is always engaged in each segment, pushing us talking to us, motivating us all time with a smile and a hint of laughter. It’s just the right combination for a 6:30am workout. We also get weekly meal ideas…great for watching our carb count.” (Peter C., participant since March 2007)

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Photography by Mary Sylvester.