Personalized Small Group Training

Personalized Small Group Training

Strength, Power & Crunch*

Kezar Stadium

Kezar Stadium

Kezar Stadium

All workouts are personalized and limited to 6 people: You work on your goals, at your level! This is not a typical ‘everyone-does-the-same-boring-routine bootcamp’ class, your trainer is going to create workouts that challenge you and that get you where you want to get. If you have any injuries or you can’t do something we’ll modify it!

We meet at the bottom bench in section ‘A’. Please bring a mat and a bottle of water. Join us for a free trial class!

*Friday’s Strength, Power & Crunch class is a great new addition to balance your fitness involving free weights, TRX, medicine ball and more.

Classes are limited to 6 people, please send an email to Jeannette to inquire about space.

Other Times:

Tue & Thu
Reserved for Private and Semi-Private Training Kezar Stadium
Share the private session with a friend, your partner or co-worker for double the fun and half the price!  For Private Training please send an email to Jeannette.

Other Specialized Training Options:


A wide variety of intense & fun workouts: Running stairs, intervals, boot camp drills, jumping, kickboxing moves, push-ups, crunches, uphill sprints and circuits working on cardio, core & strength, speed & flexibility. All levels welcome, fun & results guaranteed! We truly keep our classes small to make sure you get a great workout and individual coaching, our average class size is 2-4 participants (and always limited to 6).

Kickboxing & Conditioning

We can add more variety to your workout and take it to the next level with focus mitts and kicking shields. We’ll teach you all the basics, including punching and kicking techniques, drills, crunches or partner training. Great for the core and guaranteed fun. For all levels – total beginners welcome!

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Photography by Mary Sylvester.