Cheers to Germany!

I’m back!   And I’m telling you: Two weeks in Germany, a challenge for fitness and nutrition.  Where else are you getting a half liter beer, sausage and pretzel with butter for breakfast?!

Breakfast for Winners!

I have to say that eating habits in Germany quite extremely differ from the nutritional approach I’ve taken to [...]

Pack an Apple!

Apples are great!  They’re very tasty, and come in a great variety – green, yellow, red, sweet to sour, and all kinds of mixes. They’re also easy to transport, you can just throw them in you purse or backpack to have a healthy snack handy anytime. Now researchers also found that apples are a great [...]

Organic & Local Produce Shopping Made Easy

Many of us would like to eat more organic produce and support local farmers. But we lead busy lives and almost never make it to the farmer’s market. ‘Eating with the Seasons’ is a wonderful solution: They are “bringing the farmer’s market to you!”.

How it works: ‘Eating with the Seasons’ is a small family [...]

Whole Grain – Great Stuff

Whole grain is good for you. Check. But how can you easily adjust your eating habits to include this healthy food group? Here are the whole grain basics and simple ideas:

This is the whole grain kernel (in contrast to refined grain which is milled and missing bran and germ). [...]

Bye-bye Trans Fats…

California proves its health state reputation with a new law: No more trans fats in California restaurants by 2010 (same for retail baked goods by 2011).

Why is this good news?
According to research trans fats are linked to health problems like obesity, high cholesterol, and ultimately coronary heart disease – which is the leading cause of [...]

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Photography by Mary Sylvester.