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Join us at Kezar Stadium or Lake Merced for unlimited workouts for a week. Check out our schedule for class times and locations. his [...]

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Gym Myths – esp. for Women

Ladies (& Gentlemen), check out this article – you’ve probably heard some of this stuff before…

Exercising during Pregnancy

Lately, I had many questions about this subject.  Maybe it’s the springtime?

As a Personal Trainer I know the basics about exercising during pregnancy but I had a few open questions.  To find out more I ordered and just received a fantastic book: “Motherwell Maternity Fitness Plan” by Bonnie Berk.  It’s recognized by the [...]

Feeling under the weather?

An good question: Should you work out when you’re not feeling well? Or is it better to rest? It seems there hasn’t been done much research on this topic yet. What do you usually do? Read more on The New York Times, online.

Spot Reduction?!?

Want to lose the cushion over your six-pack? Those love handles? Or the extra pound(s) on your thighs? Unfortunately, you can’t pick your favorite spot when it comes to weight loss, ‘spot reduction’ is one of those too-good-to-be-true myths.

Weight loss occurs all over the body, depending on genetics, age, gender and other factors. Doing thousands [...]

Cleaning = Burning

Finally, here’s strong motivation to clean the home and weed the garden: Simple activities around the house burn calories! As always: The more vigorous the activity the bigger the burn. So, choose your workout play list, grab the vacuum and off you go…

Check out a rough calorie count for only a 30 minute period (based [...]

What’s Your Favorite Tomato?!

What is your favorite tomato?  This urgent question came up today after our important apple discussion a few weeks ago.  Time for a post!

Why tomatoes, you ask?  If you need reasons other than the delicious taste, just have a look at this:

That’s pretty exciting for a single fruit (botanically speaking)!  For your enjoyment, here’s a [...]

What I Eat for Breakfast

Healthy breakfast isn’t always easy, especially when you’re used to bread, butter and cold cuts. Luckily, thanks to the inspiration by a great diner close-by, I found my new favorite: A fruit omelet.

Sounds odd? Eggs and fruit? That’s exactly what I thought before trying it!  I was very surprised by how great it is. The [...]

Cheers to Germany!

I’m back!   And I’m telling you: Two weeks in Germany, a challenge for fitness and nutrition.  Where else are you getting a half liter beer, sausage and pretzel with butter for breakfast?!

Breakfast for Winners!

I have to say that eating habits in Germany quite extremely differ from the nutritional approach I’ve taken to [...]

The Active Break!

Bootie Camp might be in hibernation, but there are lots of activities you can do on your own.  Yes!   Here are a few ideas and guidelines on how to transform your two weeks off into one of the famous “active breaks”:

Rest! I recommend you take 3-5 days off to rest your body.  And [...]

Pack an Apple!

Apples are great!  They’re very tasty, and come in a great variety – green, yellow, red, sweet to sour, and all kinds of mixes. They’re also easy to transport, you can just throw them in you purse or backpack to have a healthy snack handy anytime. Now researchers also found that apples are a great [...]

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Photography by Mary Sylvester.