Heat or Ice?

When it comes to an injury should you apply ice or heat?

I’ve had this question many times over the years, so here are some basic guidelines for you:

Acute injuries (Involving swelling. Example: ankle sprain): Ice. The main reason for cooling is to limit inflammation and swelling. Ice is helpful for at [...]

Walk Your City!

Get online walking directions for your Sunday stroll.

Do you feel like taking a nice stroll on the weekend? Or do you just wanna get somewhere by foot? Either way, now you can look up ‘walking directions’ on Google Maps. Just enter directions as you usual, then click on “Walking”. [...]

Wii Sports – Workout from the Couch?

The Standard Wii Sports – Workout or just entertainment?

ACE, the American Council on Exercise, sponsored a study to examine the potential fitness benefits from playing Wii sports: 16 volunteers (age: 20 to 29) played all five Wii sports games (each one for 10 minutes, in a random order, with a five-minute break [...]

Exercise – Good for Body & Brain

We all know that exercising is a good for our bodies. Recent studies suggest that the brain is also impacted – in more than one way:

Mood-Lifting: Working out can help keep anxiety and depression at bay.
A study compared the effects of physical exercise and so-called SSRIs (“selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors”, a [...]

Running Events of the Month – August

Have you ever considered running a 5K? Or walking 10K for a good cause? Or just secretly thought a race could be a fun thing to do? There’s plenty of events to choose from – for any level!

This monthly listing includes a selection of San Francisco running events.

** If you’re a Bootie [...]

Sunscreen Routine

I know, you know – but are you really using it?

I’ve never been into beauty routines or into spending an hour in the bathroom to get ready. Especially since I’m getting up at 5:40am every day, it’s all about time efficiency – and what I can manage with eyes still half closed. The [...]

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Photography by Mary Sylvester.