A quick hello and welcome to everyone!

And a special *yay* to all of you Bootie Campers!

Enjoy the read,

4 comments to Welcome!

  • J

    thanks for the yay!

  • Hooray!

    Thank you Jeannette for the many fitness drills this morning. Shortly thereafter, I thought I was going to climb my sorry physical self up several hills to UCSF for bed rest and medical attention. LOL!

    Serriously though, I do believe that my work day has been highly productive and rather enjoyable largely due to your morning workout. See You and everyone else this Thursday!

    with gratitude and appreciation,

  • J

    Thanks, Herschel! I’m happy you enjoyed the workout AND got some extra energy and productivity out of it. Keep us posted on how you’re doing.
    See you Thurs,

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Photography by Mary Sylvester.