Benefits of House Ownership – The Garden

Over the last year we’ve slowly come to terms with the fact that our backyard is a jungle.  Moving in it looked like a lush and beautiful oasis, and we used the garden often and wisely: Parties, BBQ’s, Housewarming or just an hour reading during lunchtime. Pretty, eh?

good times!

before - good times!

Then the cold and rainy season arrived and we watched our yard transforming: From the lush and pretty retreat to an overgrown, chaotic mess.  All in 4 months.  Amazing!

At this point most of you can probably tell that we are not the born-to-become-a-dedicated-gardener type…  Far we were from admitting it!  So, in April, for a special outdoor birthday party we got all excited (or was it desperation?) to whip our backyard into shape again.  We weeded, cut, hacked, pounded, dug and planted for about two weeks.  Plus, S. finally got to buy (and use) all kinds of interesting power tools.  It was quite a scene.  We managed to cut back the worst and make it look like we know what we’re doing.

Did you wonder why we didn’t have a single BBQ party this summer?  Looking at the backyard now I can only say: It’s a jungle out there!  I have no idea how so many weeds can grow and survive.

The relation to fitness?  Oh, isn’t it obvious?! :)   Well, let me quote: “Gardening is also a key tool for improved health by providing exercise, stress reduction, and relaxation. From the medical perspective, researchers have documented that people who interact with plants recover more quickly from everyday stress and mental fatigue.  For many, the garden is their escape from the pressures of the job and family responsibilities. This relaxation technique reduces stress levels and related issues like heart disease.”  ["Benefits of Gardening, Colorado State University].  There you have it!

Soooo, if you need a break from the stresses of reality, please feel free to contact me anytime!  We’ll provide you with German food, beer, entertainment and an assortment of random gardening tools!  Please don’t forget to bring a compass!

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Photography by Mary Sylvester.