Cheers to Germany!

I’m back! :)   And I’m telling you: Two weeks in Germany, a challenge for fitness and nutrition.  Where else are you getting a half liter beer, sausage and pretzel with butter for breakfast?!

Breakfast for Winners!

I have to say that eating habits in Germany quite extremely differ from the nutritional approach I’ve taken to lately. I’m not sure I should say that Germans have no clue about nutrition. Maybe it’s more accurate to say that German people just have a different view of what’s healthy and what’s not? Hm.

Apart from meeting with friends and relatives, celebrating a wedding and many reunions, the most common activity was eating. EVERYONE cooked for us and visiting an estimated 3.67 people per day gives you an idea about how much food we had to dig through.  Did you know that it is considered rude not to clean your plate in Germany??!  Well, we knew.  And acted accordingly. A carefully placed request for health conscious food here and there fell on deaf ears – or was answered with rye bread with butter instead of wheat bread with butter.  Quite a sense of humor.  No, seriously, we appreciated the generosity and wonderful company of all our friends and family. And we happily dealt with our upset stomachs for about 10 days.  It really amazes me how my good old German body got used to low-fat, low carb & small portions and had serious trouble adjusting to the all-fat, full on carbs and red meat diet. Oh well, I guess I’m officially half Californian now…

Cheers to the Germans – for all the warm welcomes, delicious food and wonderful company!



(Yes, yes, AND the great beer…  And Schnaps!)

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Photography by Mary Sylvester.