The Active Break!

Bootie Camp might be in hibernation, but there are lots of activities you can do on your own.  Yes! :)   Here are a few ideas and guidelines on how to transform your two weeks off into one of the famous “active breaks”:

  • Rest! I recommend you take 3-5 days off to rest your body.  And then:
  • Try out something new & low-impact! Give your body a break from running, sprinting, hills, stairs and push-ups.  Rest & variety = good for you.  Have you tried Yoga?  Kayaking?  Pilates?  A long Walk on the beach?  Hiking Mount Tam?  Swimming?  Bicycling over Golden Gate Bridge?  Surfing?  A power walk along the bay?  Try it out!  And think of those activities as active leisure time – don’t try to break world records.  Tip: Take a friend with you and have fun trying out new things!
  • Keep the schedule! This is for those of you who have a hard time getting back into an early morning routine.  Set the alarm clock at the usual time and get up!  A great way to start the day is a light breakfast and a 20 minute walk.  Gets you up, out in the fresh air and energized all day.  Plus, you’ll feel proud of yourself.  The good news:  It’s summer now in SF, so this is a great way for you to spend time outside before heading to the office.  Tip:  Choose a great coffee shop that’s about 10-15 min. away (or take a detour) and walk there!
  • Team up! Team up with other Bootie Campers, friend, co-workers and family members to stay on track.  You could meet for a workout or just check in with each other for support.  Request a reminder from a friend or have them join you on the weekend for a fun walk along Crissy Field.
  • Kezar Stairs! For those of you who are planning to go to Kezar on your own, here’s a simple 50-minute stair routine:  Warm-up with 1 lap, stretch for 5-7 minutes.  Start at our meeting point: Single steps all the way – instead of turning back, sprint up the hill & jog down to the other side – Do double steps all the way – sprint up the hill & jog down, back to our meeting point.  Do another full lap just like that – but at the bottom alternate 10-15 push-ups, 12-15 dips and 20-25 Liz’ crunches. All the way ’round. :)   (If you’re crazy enough and have any air left, do one more lap without the push-ups, dips & crunches.)   Super YAY!!!

Let me know if you have any questions! :)

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Photography by Mary Sylvester.