Pack an Apple!

Apples are great!  They’re very tasty, and come in a great variety – green, yellow, red, sweet to sour, and all kinds of mixes. They’re also easy to transport, you can just throw them in you purse or backpack to have a healthy snack handy anytime. Now researchers also found that apples are a great addition to your diet: With 4-5 grams of fiber per apple, they make you feel full fast – and for a longer period of time than other snacks.  Furthermore, apples are a source of antioxidants.

Did I mention that apples are great?!

Tip:  Buy a weekly supply, take one to work everyday and place it on your desk.  When you feel hungry or craving sweets, just grab the apple.

[Source: Self Magazine, August 2008, "20 Superfoods for Weight Loss", p.129]

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Photography by Mary Sylvester.