Jeannette Rehbein

Jeannette (2nd from the right) is the founder & owner of Schnell Schnell Outdoor Fitness. Born in Germany (Schnell Schnell means “quick, quick”) and with a love for sports and exercise she created Bootie Camp. Years of track & field training and various certifications make her a knowledgeable and versatile instructor. What’s even more important is her energetic and fun focused teaching style – you’ll give your best, get a hard workout and have fun at the same time! Meanwhile, Schnell Schnell has moved on to offering small group training, a great way to enjoy the benefits of personal training sharing the expense with like-minded people. Jeannette is also available for Private Training and teaches KO Bag Kickboxing and TRX classes at Krav Maga Training Center (SF). In her off-time Jeannette spends as much time as possible outdoors – surfing, walking her dog or just enjoying the beautiful surroundings of SF – and she loves to try out new recipes & restaurants. She’s also a member of the local non-profit organization Surf For Life.


As you can see Schnell Schnell is a small business, quite different from the typical bootcamps you’ve seen pop up everywhere. I’m personally dedicated to each one of our team members and I’ll be there for you during the fun and challenging times. Our classes are fresh, fun and alive! Give it a try, join one of our classes for a  free trial to find out for yourself!

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Photography by Mary Sylvester.